Texas License To Carry (LTC) - Formerly CHL

Texas License To Carry (LTC) - formerly CHL

In this state mandated 4-6 hour class, you'll review gun safety, learn about the carry and use of force laws in the State of Texas, and discuss avoiding the situations where you might need to use your gun in self defense. I take this class and its content very seriously, but work to present it in a fun and interactive way.


I am currently teaching LTC classes at Texas Gun Experience on about 2 Saturdays per month, 8 am - 1 pm.

Class Fee:

$75 (bring your own gun)

$110 (rent a gun from Texas Gun Experience)

Please see details and registration here:


I can also schedule private classes if the TGE schedule does not work for you.

Class Fee:

$75 (regular private class)

$95 (individual private class)


Range Fee: paid to range

Gun rental fee (if needed): paid to range

Email Donna with any questions or to schedule a private class: 414instruction@gmail.com

Texas LTC Checklist (how to apply, etc)