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Always A Student

My training is never finished because a good instructor is always learning. In fact, one of my favorite sayings is: 

"If you're not learning, you're not living." 


Here's a tip of the cap to my instructors and classes over the years that have brought me so far. You can also see the various disciplines in the shooting sports that I enjoy. I believe that exploring these various disciplines can only make me a better overall shooter, instructor, and person. Click on photos for a description and see my CV here

TWAW / NRA Instructor Class - 2017
Donna & Mike Abramovich - 7/2017
Donna & Carrie Lightfoot - 7/2017
Donna receives Top Gun challenge coin
Certification hardware - 7/2017
IFAK graduation - 10/2017
Donna with Gabby Franco - 3/2017
Donna with Michelle Cerino - 9/2017
Donna Shotgun
Donna LWRCI Rifle 9/2017
Donna shooting clays
CPA 2017 Grad class
Shotgun w/ Anne Mauro - 9/2017
Shotgun with Anne Mauro - 9/2017
Steel Match - 11/2017
Steel Match - 11/2017
Pistol Class
Shooting Under Duress Certification
Elite Pistol - 10/2016
Advanced Combative Pistol - 4/2018
Advanced Combative Pistol - 4/2018
Donna & Dave Spaulding
Adaptive Combat Pistol
Friendships in shooting
Donna at Gunsite Entrance - 7/2017
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