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My Students

I have ben privileged to work with some amazing students.

Take a look at what my students are doing and accomplishing!

LTC 9-12-2020 img 2
Smiling faces after a great morning on the range. These women were a blast to get to know and teach.
Lisa C Basic Qual
Kim S Basic Qual
TWAW Shooting Chapter
Pam V Basic Qual
Sara S Basic Qual
Hope N Basic Qual
Student Shooting
Situational Awareness Seminar

My students have had some very kind things to say.

“I enrolled in this class with a beginner/intermediate level of knowledge and experience in the use of handguns and my goal was to feel more comfortable about using a handgun for safety reasons.  This was the perfect class and Donna was patient and thorough!   I learned so much and am looking forward to her "Beyond Basic" course!”

“Learned so much in two days and our instructor is very passionate about teaching gun safety, ensuring we have good grip and stance. Thoroughly enjoyed my experience and look forward to continuing with next class plus conceal and carry.” 


“Donna was a fantastic instructor. She was very helpful in helping me learn the fundamentals of handling a pistol. Donna was encouraging and very clear with her directions. She allowed for self-reflection and understanding what "YOU" are doing right or wrong by the seeing where your shots went. 6/5 will take another course with Donna. “


“Donna is a great teacher, she made sure we were understanding. She had lots of examples and different ways to explain things, like reasons to do or not do things. She was a confidence builder in handling my newly acquired pistol. Great training. Do it!!”


I learned so much in two days than I ever have with any other gun classes. I can’t wait to take the other classes offered.


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