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Texas LTC Checklist

The steps you follow to apply for and gain your Texas State issued License To Carry a Handgun.
Apply for your License To Carry through the State of Texas
  • Go to

    • Click or search “Handgun Licensing”

    • Click “Licensing & Registration” >> “Applicant Information” 

    • Click “TX Online License to Carry a Handgun (LTC)

    • Search “LTC”


Complete Digital Fingerprints
  • Follow steps outlined by DPS after you complete your application to schedule and complete your digital fingerprints.

  • Fingerprints are automatically submitted. There is nothing for you to send to the state.

Take the Certified Licensing Course
  • Register for the class

  • Take the class, pass the written test and shooting qualification

  • Receive your LTC-100 Class Completion Form

  • Keep your LTC-100 Class Completion Form in a safe place

Submit LTC-100 and any other required documents
  • Scan LTC-100 Class Completion Form and any other documents that you need to submit into PDF format

  • Submit LTC-100 Class Completion Form via the TX DPS website at this link:

  • Follow prompts to complete submission form, attach and upload documents to form to submit.

After completing the course and receiving your LTC-100 Class Completion Form, all processes for your license are through the Texas Department of Public Safety. Instructors have no way to check on status of licenses, submit required paperwork, or give timelines o licenses. All questions on pending licenses must be addressed to the Department of Public Safety - Handgun Licensing Division.

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