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Scheduling Options

Any class can be booked with the following options in mind:
flexible scheduling, private / semi-private,
women's only or family class. 
Flexible Scheduling

We all have busy lives. It can be hard to think about setting aside several hours out of our schedule to learn and practice personal protection and better shooting. Through flexible scheduling of class time, I hope to address this issue that many women and families face in order to help you get the instruction and training you need to make informed decisions about your own self protection. Flexible scheduling may mean we split a multi-hour class in to smaller sessions over a couple of days or weeks. Flexible scheduling may also mean flexibility in where we meet for classroom portions. The bottom line is that I want to make this work for you. Call me and we will figure out what works.

Women Only Classes

Sorry, fellas! Some classes are designated for women only. So no husbands, boyfriends, or fathers, etc, allowed. I want each of my female students in these classes to have the best opportunity to learn in an environment where she can ask all the questions she might not feel comfortable asking in front of men. During our range time, you are welcome to watch from outside the live fire area.

Private or Semi-Private Instruction

My classes can be done one on one or in a class size of no more than 4 people (unless it is a family). This class size allows me the best opportunity to spend as much time as possible with each student to insure safety, comprehension of the material, and mastery of the skills. When you call to schedule a class, we may decide to open up the class for other people to join us or we may decide to keep it one on one. 

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