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Every Day Carry (EDC)

Every Day Carry (EDC)

If you’re going to get your Texas License to Carry (LTC) and plan to carry a firearm with you as you go about your every day life, there is a lot to consider besides just being able to handle and fire a gun safely. In the Every Day Carry (EDC) class, you will learn how to draw a firearm safely from a holster in a 5 step process and consider holster options and carry positions to fit your body, gun, and wardrobe choices. We will also discuss other EDC and defensive items you may wish to begin carrying to help you be prepared for any emergency. But most of all, we will talk about mindset, situational awareness and avoidance. I do not expect you to have a holster already, but welcome it if you do. We will do both classroom and range work. 


Class Fee: $85

Range Fee: approx. $10-15 (depending on range)

Student provides:

50-100 rounds 9 mm or .380 ammunition

Optional items:

9 mm or .380 pistol

Outside the waistband holster for pistol

Upcoming Classes:

Contact Donna at

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