Always A Student

My training is never finished because a good instructor is always learning. In fact, one of my favorite sayings is: 

"If you're not learning, you're not living." 


Here's a tip of the cap to my instructors and classes over the years that have brought me so far. You can also see the various disciplines in the shooting sports that I enjoy. I believe that exploring these various disciplines can only make me a better overall shooter, instructor, and person. (Click on photos for a description.)

TWAW / NRA Instructor Class - 2017
Donna & Mike Abramovich - 7/2017
Donna & Carrie Lightfoot - 7/2017
Donna receives Top Gun challenge coin
Certification hardware - 7/2017
IFAK graduation - 10/2017
Donna with Gabby Franco - 3/2017
Donna with Michelle Cerino - 9/2017
Donna Shotgun
Donna LWRCI Rifle 9/2017
Donna shooting clays
CPA 2017 Grad class
Shotgun w/ Anne Mauro - 9/2017
Shotgun with Anne Mauro - 9/2017
Steel Match - 11/2017
Steel Match - 11/2017
Pistol Class
Shooting Under Duress Certification
Elite Pistol - 10/2016
Advanced Combative Pistol - 4/2018
Advanced Combative Pistol - 4/2018
Donna & Dave Spaulding
Adaptive Combat Pistol
Friendships in shooting
Donna at Gunsite Entrance - 7/2017

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Elite Pistol - 10/2016

I advanced through all the classes at my local range, including their all day Elite Pistol class which is only offered once (maybe twice) per year. This class, like most of my pistol classes, was me and a bunch of men.